SB 742-1
(1) Inspection results will be considered part of the
technical history of the items in storage.
(2) Any unusual or changing conditions encountered
during an inspection that have or could have an adverse effect
10-1. General.
on any of the stored items will be recorded on appropriate DSR
a. The organization performing an ammunition mission is cards.  QASAS will apply knowledge of such conditions on
primarily responsible for the safe and proper conduct of all specific lots of materiel to consider the potential effect on item
serviceability or suitability for continued safe storage.
(a) Such conditions, along with any potentially
QASAS, military ammunition inspectors
hazardous conditions, will be specifically noted and reported to
MOS 55B (SSG/SFC), and properly trained
the appropriate organization for prompt corrective action.
and certified civilian technicians (including
(b) The QASAS in charge may deem it necessary
local nationals in OCONUS locations) have
to  conduct  special  inspections  or  adjust  the  assigned
the authority and responsibility to stop
inspection intervals for materiel that has been adversely
unsafe operations where imminent danger
affected by such storage conditions.
is involved.
(3) A reinspection will be scheduled for locations
b. The safety and logistics functions described in this
where potentially serious conditions have been encountered to
chapter are the responsibility of QASAS personnel.  These
verify that they have been corrected.
functions include inspection of buildings and areas in which
(4) Conditions to be considered in the inspections of
ammunition and explosives are stored, including ASPs, PSPs,
magazines and storage buildings include, but is not limited to,
and proving grounds; outside storage; operations involving
the following:
development, test, evaluation, and destruction of ammunition
(a) Compliance with storage drawing.
and explosives; and transport vehicles and vessels used for
transportation of ammunition and explosives.
(b) Segregation of lots and condition codes.
(1) Safety while conducting operations, compliance
(c) Adequacy of aisles.
with  SOPs,  ammunition  identity  (lot  integrity),  and
(d) Stability of stacks.
serviceability are primary concerns of such inspections.
Unsafe practices, methods, or conditions must be corrected
(e) Separation of stacks by safety distance where
immediately and reported through appropriate channels for
such are specified.
long-term corrective action.
(f) Compliance with quantity distance limits in
(2) The  QASAS  in  charge  will  maintain  close
stacks and magazines.
coordination with the directors of both safety and operations
on matters affecting the explosive safety at an installation and
(g) Storage  compatibility  of  explosives  and
furnish copies of magazine inspection reports, follow-up ammunition.
(h) Satisfactory housekeeping in the magazines
(3) Applicable
storage, for the type of materiel in storage.
maintenance,  demilitarization,  supply  regulations,  and
(i) Suitability of the magazine for the type of
directives issued by responsible commands will be used in
In the absence of such materiel in storage.
conducting such inspections.
documents, the policies and procedures detailed in this
(j) Condition of magazine, doors, and ventilators.
chapter will take precedence and be followed.
(Magazine door flashings will not be inspected for defects
c. Prior to conducting any operation involving functions and/or reported.)
covered in this SB, a SOP will be prepared. The SOP will be
(k) Maintenance of adequate firebreaks (where
written within the guidelines contained in AMC-R 700-107 required) around magazines and storage sites.
which is mandatory for AMC installations and should be used
as guidance by other MACOMs.  The QASAS in charge will
(l) Presence and proper types of fusible links on
review the SOPs for currency of safety, operational, and quality doors and ventilators where required.
(m) Adequacy, composition, and depth of earth
d. The QASAS in charge will personally conduct periodic cover should be checked every 24 months.
on-site reviews of ammunition operations to assure that these
(n) Capability of magazine contents to continue to
operations are being conducted satisfactorily from both a
be stored safely.
safety and a quality perspective.
(o) Presence of required condition code tags (para
10-2. Storage buildings and areas.
11-2) on unserviceable lots of ammunition.
a. Magazines and other buildings in which ammunition
and explosives are stored will be given a formal inspection
annually (except as noted in para 10-2c).  Such inspections
will be performed by QASAS who will record and report the
results.  A formal record of the inspection results will be
maintained to include discrepancy reports forwarded to
responsible  installation  activities  and  the  resolution  or
corrective actions resulting from these reports.


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