Quantcast Large Caliber Stockpile Reliability Program (LCSRP)

SB 742-1
3-5. Large Caliber Stockpile Reliability Program
a. JMC ASRP Division manages LCSRP. The program
provides functional data on gun, howitzer, and mortar
ammunition, mines, and small rockets.  The testing is
conducted at various proving grounds and test centers
located in both CONUS and OCONUS. Annually, CONUS
and  OCONUS  commands  will  be  queried  on  the
availability of candidate lots for testing.  After receiving
confirmation of sample availability and finalizing the
program, JMC will issue an MRO for shipment of samples.
MROs will be issued 30-45 days prior to the required date
for CONUS installations or 120-130 days for OCONUS
b. Appropriate  management  controls  must  be
established to ensure the program is executed.
storage installation surveillance organization will monitor
shipping actions to ensure arrival of samples at the test
facility on or before the RDD.
c. Selection and preparation of samples for shipment
will be as follows:
(1) Samples will be assigned CC-D to preclude
shipment for another purpose.  The parent lot will be
retained in its true condition code.
(2) Lots from which samples are selected will be
in CC-A unless otherwise specified.
(3) Samples will be selected to assure maximum
lot representation without rewarehousing.
(4) Inspection will be limited to that incidental to
repackaging, marking, and shipment, except--
(5) The ammunition lots should be in CC-A at
time of test. To ensure that the nominated lot has had no
significant change since last inspection, all lots with
inspection intervals expiring prior to the RDD for the
samples will undergo a periodic inspection prior to or
during sample selection.
(6) When inspection is specifically directed by
JMC, ASRP Division.
(7) The preferred method of marking for shipment
is to paint one end or side of each outer pack white and
stencil in black, "SURVL SAMPLES - FY ____ ASRP and
project name" on the white background; otherwise CONUS
installations may identify samples with pallet placards in
lieu of painting and marking outer packs.
d. Any lot undergoing condition code change prior to
shipment will not be shipped. Notify JMC ASRP Division of
condition code change.


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